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Your baby's first form of communicating is crying. But, when that's their only language, how can you decipher what they're trying to tell you? As your newborn gets older, you will begin to recognize the subtle differences in their cries. But, until then, you may need to run down a quick checklist.

Is your baby hungry? Are they showing signs of hunger like rooting or sucking on their hands? Does their diaper need to be changed? Did they recently eat? It may be that they have gas and need a good burping. Carefully resting your baby on their belly can help move the gas around and ease their pain. Do they just want to be held? Babies crave contact and comfort. Swaddle them and hold them close to your chest. Babies can also get easily overstimulated, taking in so much information in their first few weeks. A quiet room, away from the chaos, often helps. If you have tried everything or your baby appears to be in pain, call Sunshine Pediatrics and we'll do our best to help.


Crying can also be frustrating to parents. If you find yourself increasingly distressed by your baby's cries, lay them down in a safe space like a crib or bassinet, and step away. Take a deep breath. If you need a voice of support, call the crying baby helpline at 1-866-243-2229.


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