Is my current aquarium maintenance contractor doing a good job?

Maybe, hopefully. What you have to consider is am I getting good value for my money. Some aquarium service companies may be charging a lot of money for their service which may not be a problem, again what might be a problem is it worth it. Also, some might be charging you a little amount but you may be getting a service that is below the bar. We set this company up to provide the best service possible at the best value for money. How are we the best value for money? Well we looked at what needs to be done and how can we go the extra mile to bring value were other companies don't.

Can you convert my aquarium from saltwater to freshwater?

Yes, Is it easy? It's hard work but well it’s not your problem it’s ours. Good thing is it doesn't take long. it can be done is a day or less on average. How we do it is removing everything from the fish tank and then fill and drain the tank again and again until all the salt deposit is gone. When that is done then it can be re-aquascaped with new clean rocks, wood and plants. The best thing about it is it does not cost the earth and if you have already paid for a salt water aquarium having a fresh water aquarium can be 1/4 of the price.

Should I have a marine or fresh water tank?

I may be bias here, but i know there are huge benefits to having a freshwater aquarium over having a salt water aquarium. Such as... -Initial set up cost, saltwater aquariums can cost thousands more than freshwater aquariums. They can be the same size, were a freshwater aquarium may cost £1000.00 as a example, a saltwater aquarium the same fish tank, can cost at least £3500.00. -Maintenance cost, 4X more as research we spoke to another company and asked them how much you would charge for a 4-foot Reef aquarium and they came back with a price of £216.00. We charge £55.00(RAW PRICE) That's Pretty much 4X more than freshwater. -How it looks, I personally Believe salt water fish and coral are beautiful, but the bright blue light you need have to grow the corals, you don't get to appreciate the coral and fish's natural colours. Where fresh water looks way more natural with bright green plants and the fish are just as colourful. For these reasons I believe it's a no brainer.

Do you supply fish & equipment?

We, SUPPLY - INSTALL - MAINTAIN We supply everything no need to worry about trips to the fish store or having future payments for fish. It's a onetime payment for everything (except maintenance)

What if I already have an aquarium?

If you already have an aquarium and you are happy with it, it is no problem. 30% of our clients have already had aquariums installed by another company but are not happy with the service so they come to us, and I can happily say stay with us.