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Umbilical Cord Care

When your baby is born, the doctor will clamp off the umbilical cord and cut it (there are no nerves, so this is painless). Typically, the clamp is removed by the time your baby comes home.

The remaining cord will need to be kept clean and dry. Take care to keep wet diapers away from the cord while it's healing. It will turn brown and get dry before it falls off within a few weeks.

Remember to never soak the cord and allow it to dry on its own. If it gets wet, or dirty, you can clean it and gently pat dry. 

Don't pull the cord off, even if only a small amount remains attached. It is best to let the cord come off on its own. 

Occasionally there are mild complications and you may see signs of infection. Refer to the AAP website on cord care and call Sunshine Pediatrics for an appointment, if necessary.

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