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Circumcision is an elective surgical procedure that is available at Sunshine Pediatrics. There is no medical reason for routine circumcision and the decision is permanent, so research should be done prior to the birth of your child. There is also no evidence that intact foreskin causes urinary tract infections, STDs, or other diseases. Foreskin is natural and easy to care for.


If you elect to have your child circumcised at Sunshine Pediatrics, your child must have received a vitamin K injection at birth and must weigh less than 10 pounds at the time of the procedure. We will perform the circumcision up to 21 days of age.


A product called a plastibell will be used in our office to remove your baby's foreskin. You will notice that the plastic ring is left on your son's remaining penis. This should fall off on its own within 8 days. Dr. Rich will go over the care of your son's penis at the time of the appointment. 

Call the office for follow-up if the ring slips down the shaft of the penis, there is swelling present, your baby isn't peeing 24 hours after the procedure, he develops a fever, there's black or blue discoloration, he's bleeding from the site, or there is a foul odor. 

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