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Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding may be the natural choice, but it isn't always the easiest way to feed your baby. In fact, a study at UC Davis found that 92% of moms had concerns within three days of their baby being born. NPR observed that "[h]alf of the mothers reported problems with getting the baby to latch on to the breast, or other feeding issues like nipple confusion. 44 percent said pain was a problem (and) 40 percent said they felt that they weren't producing enough milk."


The good news is, the vast majority of these moms went on to successfully breastfeed. And most of these issues are easily fixed by a comprehensive evaluation and consultation with an IBCLC. Brooke Simmons, a lactation consultant who has an office space at Sunshine Pediatrics, is available for prenatal consultations, home visits, or appointments here in our office and she is happy to help work through any questions you have. You can reach her directly at (407) 221-4475 to schedule an appointment

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