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New parents are often surprised by how much their lives are surrounded by poop. Newborn stools are typically a thick, tarry, dark green. This is meconium, a substance that helps the baby's digestive tract to form properly.


After birth, it's usually expelled within 24 hours. From there, the poop changes consistency and color based on what their food source is. If your baby is breastfed, it will become seedy in texture and yellow in color, with a slightly sweet smell. Watch out - it can be explosive! If your baby is formula-fed, expect pasty, yellowish-brown stools with a much less pleasant aroma. 

Also, because babies can digest breastmilk more completely, they often poop less than their formula-fed friends. If you see tiny amounts of blood in their stool, it may be a sign that your nipples are cracked and bleeding. Please call to schedule an appointment so we can fully investigate the cause.

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