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Pedialyte is not designed for children under the age of 1 and should not be used as a substitute for breastmilk or formula. Many Pedialyte formulas contain artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and chemical ingredients not beneficial to a developing baby. Additionally, in the 1-3 ounces a newborn might take, Pedialyte only offers 2 - 8 calories. Feeding a newborn non-nutritive liquid may cause them to burn more calories than they are consuming. 

If you are concerned about your baby not receiving enough breast milk or colostrum, or fear your baby may be dehydrated, please contact our office or Brooke Simmons, a lactation consultant that has an office space at our location. Brooke has been board certified and extensively trained in feeding babies and can thoroughly evaluate the root of the problem so that your baby can thrive. If you are concerned that your baby is sick, call Sunshine Pediatrics.

Kellymom specifies that, "Anytime a sick baby is able to take anything by mouth, it should be his mother’s milk." 

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