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You may notice that your newborn is turning slightly yellow when you get home. It's most obvious in natural light, and in the whites of their eyes. This is caused by the presence of bilirubin, a substance that is filtered out by the placenta during pregnancy. When the baby is born, they begin filtering it out by themselves and this often causes them to turn a little yellow the day or two after birth. If you are concerned about your baby, schedule an appointment with Sunshine Pediatrics and we can check your baby's bilirubin levels and monitor their progress closely.

Babies who are breastfed sometimes have jaundice more often than formula fed babies. However, this is usually due to the baby not taking in enough milk, since bilirubin is expelled through urine and bowel movements. If you are having trouble getting the baby latched on, are experiencing pain, or are concerned that you don't have enough milk, schedule an appointment with Brooke Simmons, a lactation consultant that has an office space at our location, who can help you through this. 


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