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It's important to pay attention to your newborn's behavior so that they can tell you what they need. If a baby gets too hungry, they get worked up, and it makes feeding much more difficult. Before you know it, you have a screaming baby who not only won't latch, but won't stop crying.

Babies who are trying to say, "I'm hungry" will begin to wake, turn their head around, and start rooting. They might bring their hands to their mouth and suck or simply move their mouth as if trying to nurse. The second phase of hunger is much more agitated. At this point, the baby is fussing, trying to get your attention, and feeling a bit more desperate. The final phase is the point you don't want to get to. In this scenario, your baby is likely screaming and will only become more upset. You will probably have to calm the baby down before attempting to feed them, or you'll both end up frustrated. If you're still having trouble with latching, contact Brooke Simmons, a lactation consultant that has an office space at our location.

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