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There are a lot of decisions to make, as new parents, and one of those is how you'd like to diaper your baby. Some use disposables, some use cloth, and some have a combination of both. There is no one brand, or style, that works for everyone, so you might want to wait to invest in a large supply of one thing. 

One thing is universal, when it comes to diaper changing, and that is: location, location, location. And be prepared for everything that the change might bring you. Just living giving your baby a bath, you should have whatever you need within arm's reach including a new diaper (or two), wipes, and an extra outfit, just in case. Never leave the baby alone on a changing table. 

A couple of quick tips: when diapering a baby girl, make sure you always wipe from front to back. When diapering a baby boy, make sure you point him down inside the diaper, or he may end up peeing right out of the top every time. 


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