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Breastfeeding Support:

Meet Brooke Simmons, IBCLC

Sunshine Pediatrics supports the needs of breastfeeding moms by offering an on-site International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (or IBCLC). Brooke Simmons has regular business hours in our office and should be contacted directly to schedule an appointment. You may reach Brooke at (407) 221-4475

What is an IBCLC? IBCLC is the highest certification for someone who has training and education in the field of lactation. In order to become a lactation consultant, Brooke interned with her mentor Pat Lindsey, IBCLC for 300 hours. Brooke also has a bachelor’s degree in Maternal-Child Health: Lactation Consulting and was board certified through rigorous written examination.


You may benefit from the help of a lactation consultant:

during pregnancy - especially if you’ve had problems breastfeeding in the past, have not noticed changes to the breasts during pregnancy, have nipple/breast asymmetry, or have polycystic ovary syndrom (PCOS).

if you have had breast surgery.

if you have anxiety or fear about breastfeeding.

if you are relactating or inducing lactation.

if your baby has any issues - prematurity/preterm infants, those with jaundice, and babies with special needs may especially need a little guidance.

if latching is painful or difficult.

if you have severe engorgement - especially if the engorgement is preventing your baby from latching on.

when your baby isn’t gaining well - if your baby is underweight, especially if they are not having adequate urine output or bowel movements, please call immediately.

if your nipples are damaged, sore, cracked, bleeding, or milk-blistered.

if baby is fussy, gulping, choking, or seems to still be hungry after a feeding.

if baby is overly-sleepy - falling asleep at the breast after just a few minutes, if your baby is frequently missing feedings, or is sleeping through the night.

if nursing sessions are extremely short or extremely long.

if you are concerned about supplementing, returning to work, pumping, or transitioning to bottle feeding.

if you have breast or nipple pain even when you are not breastfeeding.

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