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Newborn Skin

Babies have delicate skin that may react when going from their amniotic fluid filled world to one that has dry air. Even though newborns are often pictured as having perfect peaches and cream skin, that's usually not the case. Your baby's skin could be dry, can peel or flake, and may benefit from a gentle lotion. "Baby acne" may also appear, which is believed to be from the hormones infants are exposed to in utero. 

You might also see small white bumps called milia, like in the photo to the left. This is a buildup of keratin in the skin and does not require treatment. Red marks, scratches, and even petichiae (tiny broken blood vessels) are common after delivery. Your baby may also have a fuzzy layer of hair known as lanugo. All of these are normal and should resolve on their own. 

If you see something that concerns you, please call us at the office to schedule an appointment.

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