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ADHD & Behavioral Issues

ADHD and other behavioral issues can cause problems with school and social activities. Dr. Rodriguez is skilled in novel and innovative techniques to manage ADHD and behavioral issues in children throughout Central Florida to help them feel more confident and happier in day-to-day activities.

Common Questions

What is ADHD?

ADHD is an acronym for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; a disorder characterized by excessive movement, problems focusing and paying attention, fidgeting, problems taking turns, vocal outbursts and other issues of impulsivity. A subtype of ADHD called attention deficit disorder or ADD is similar, but it lacks the hyperactivity component of ADHD.

How is ADHD treated?

Many children with ADHD can benefit from counseling and behavioral therapy aimed at helping them learn how to control compulsive activities and to focus better. Counseling also focuses on social interactions which may be problematic for the child. In some more extreme cases where counseling and therapy are not adequate, medications may be considered to help rebalance the brain chemistry to enable the child to focus and engage in a more constructive manner. Appropriate treatment is critical since ADHD often causes depression and anxiety in children who are not properly treated.

What kinds of behavioral issues affect kids?

Children can be affected by the same sorts of behavioral issues as adults. Often, these issues may be more extreme in children because they are forced into a more rigid environment, such as school or because they haven’t learned how to cope with emotions and other issues. Some of the most common signs of behavioral or emotional problems in children include angry outbursts, extreme impatience, losing their temper very easily, crying easily, being extremely anxious or nervous, complaining of stomach aches or headaches, being inattentive, extreme restlessness, sleeping problems, appetite changes, poor school performance & lack of interest in social activities. Without proper treatment, behavioral issues can take a huge toll on the ability of a child to make friends and to perform in school and other activities

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