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First Foods

Before six months of age, formula or breastmilk should be your baby's sole source of nutrition. A baby who is ready for solid foods is at least six months old, able to hold their head up, opens their mouth in response to food being brought toward them, swallows food easily and does not gag or choke, and is double their birth weight. Read more about signs of readiness and how to start transitioning to table food here.

Kellymom expands on these signs of readiness by specifying that your baby should also be able to sit unassisted, be able to chew, should be able to pick up things with their thumb and forefinger, and might even attempt to grab your food and put it in their mouth. If your baby is not showing signs of being interested in eating table food, there's no harm in waiting another couple of weeks and trying again. "Food before one is just for fun."


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